Brand refresh carried out for the prestigious real estate firm Robles. The project sought to give the brand more visibility and freedom of application for the digital as well as the offline world, resolving two main issues: an excess of elements in the graphic pieces and the lack of a standardization of its corporate identity.

Starting from a figurative symbol (a house with two pines) and a primary color palette already defined and recognized in the market, the project focused on reviewing and optimizing the different elements of the visual identity program, as well as their uses.

New fonts were chosen for the brand, selecting Baskerville as the main type for the logo and Effra as the complementary alternative. At the same time, the color palette was normalized, providing a new range of greens and neutral tones that collaborates in the architecture of the brand.

The company requested to keep its symbol as close as possible to the original version, so we worked on the technical improvement of the drawing to optimize its functioning. An important change was the modification of the half arch that frames the drawing: by releasing it from the base, it immediately added more versatility to the application of the logo, also allowing the adjustment of proportions, increasing the legibility of the word Robles.

The result is a simpler, more compact logo that gains visibility and clarity in every brand application, revaluing and raising the visual level of the brand.