Fuego Yámana

Digital marketing

Improve your visibility, increase the loyalty of your customers, connect with your audience and achieve your goals through online advertising, social networks, email marketing and content marketing.

Fuego Yámana

We are a creative agency based in Spain and Argentina. Since 1999 we specialize in Digital Marketing.

Success stories

We help our clients to disembark and conquer the digital world, applying our experience and creativity.


We manage your online presence and build relationships with your audience:

  • Consulting in digital marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Online advertising (SEO / SEM)
  • Social networks
  • Content marketing
  • Email Marketing

Digital marketing experts

Our value proposition consists of attracting, activating and retaining your target audience, using all the potential of the digital tools. We have creatives and specialists in various areas, who are in charge of defining and launching your brand´s digital universe, so that you can connect with your audience and achieve your objectives.


Nicolás Buzzi

Nicolás Buzzi

CEO - Expensas Pagas

In an ever-changing and demanding context, it is very good to find passionate people willing to generate positive synergies in order to always provide better customer service, hand in hand with creativity, innovation and teamwork.

Fili Bellver Guardiola

Fili Bellver Guardiola

Director - Xenet

They perfectly understood our needs and did an excellent job. We continue to work with them today and will continue to count on them in the future.

Natalia Lecaroz

Natalia Lecaroz

Manager - CIO Seguros

Outstanding professionals! Super organized, practical and expeditious. Very methodical in the process of developing, monitoring and executing tasks.

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